Lefort-Besnard Jeremy, PhD


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Statistical learning | neuroimaging | psychiatry | reproducibility

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After studying psychology at the university of Tours (France) and Bucknell (USA), I pursued a PhD in computational neuroscience supervised by Danilo Bzdok (McGill, Canada) and Danielle Basset (UPENN, USA). I received intensive training in machine learning and brain imaging working in collaboration with Gaël Varoquaux (INRIA, Paris, France) and Simon Eickhoff (Düsseldorf, Germany). Being supervised by academics from very different fields (medicine, computer science, and physics) really made clear that I have a deep interest for combination of rigorous methodology and innovating approach to investigate psychopathology. Next, during postdocs at Chi-Chun Lee's BIIC lab in Taiwan and at Inserm Comete laboratory team of Leslie Decker in France, I focused on leveraging statistical learning to predict transition to Alzheimer's disease using MRI. Following the methodological crisis, I recently made an important focus-change and joined the Inria Empenn Irisa lab team of Camille Maumet as postdoc to work on neuroimaging reproducibility.

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